Auto Insurance

Why do I need auto insurance?
Our Hopewell Junction, NY insurance agents explain…

Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance

The greater part of states oblige all drivers who need to enroll and drive their vehicles on open streets to keep up a base measure of accident protection. Also, to secure yourself from the dangers of driving a car in today’s quarrelsome society it is basic to choose the correct level of accident protection to help.

Chances are that you will require more risk protection than the state requires. In the event that you are discovered legitimately in charge of harms that surpass the points of confinement on your accident protection arrangement you will need to pay the distinction out of your own pocket. Expanded obligation breaking points are exceptionally cheap on an accident protection arrangement and profoundly proposed. Additionally, consider the way that your future profit are in question.

Mandatory New York State Auto Insurance Coverage

  • Bodily injury to others: minimum $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident
  • Personal injury protection: minimum $50,000
  • Bodily injury caused by uninsured/under insured autos: minimum $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident
  • Damage to other’s property: minimum $10,000

Optional Auto Insurance Coverage

  • Increased liability limits
  • Increased liability for injury caused by and uninsured/underinsured driver
  • Medical payments
  • Collision and comprehensive with full glass
  • rental reimbursement
  • Towing and labor


So how much coverage do I really need?

You will need to converse with your executor about acquiring higher obligation limits than needed by New York State to reflect your individual needs. For property holders the suggested measure of obligation scope is no short of what $250,000/$500,000. You might likewise think about acquiring as an extra risk strategy known as an umbrella approach relying upon your circumstance.

Keep in mind, New York State permits wage garnishment. In the event that you are included in a mishap and found at deficiency and don’t have enough accident protection or advantages for spread an alternate party’s granted harms your wages will be embellished until the total is paid off.

How can I save money on my auto insurance?

Let’s be honest, auto protection can be lavish. At the point when purchasing an auto it might be a decent thought to consider the general expense of owning the vehicle including the expense of protection and upkeep. You ought to likewise consider that insurance agencies rate your arrangement focused around various components including credit, time of drivers, and the area where the vehicle is stopped. It is additionally a decent thought to get some information about any accessible rebates that you may fit the bill for when fielding quotes.

Discounts could include:

  • Home and auto discount (multi-line)
  • Home ownership discount
  • Retired discount
  • Utility vehicle discounts
  • Saftey features discounts
  • Good driver discounts
  • Electronic bill discounts

Defensive driving discounts are available from all insurance companies and save you 10% for three years!

In the event that your searching for auto protection in the Hopewell Junction the Nicholas Prince Agency will direct you through the procedure and offer profitable guidance that you can depend on. We can spare you time and cash in your quest for the right collision protection approach that meets your novel set of circumstances. Visit our Hopewell Junction Agency Route 82 simply South of the town of Hopewell Junction, close to the convergence of Palen rd.